The latest generation of electronic patient observation solutions

The Shelford Group states that a safe ward requires patients to have the following:

  • The right observations
  • Taken at the right time
  • The right staffing skills and skill mix based on patient acuity and dependency

The innovative solution puts crucial
patient centric alerting and real-time analysis in the hands of clinicians and medical staff
for the first time

Studies put the error rate from these manual recordings and interpretations as high as 43%.

GROUNDVISION is the first intelligent warning system that evaluates patient vital signs against a configurable library of underlying causes (for example, sepsis), and suggests further investigation.

GROUNDVISION can accommodate any of the current Early Warning Scores including MEWS/NEWS/CREWS/PEWS/CEWS/SEWS, as well as the emerging Patient Focused Early Warning Scores.

Moving to GROUNDVISION’s electronic method of observation recording and EWS provides the following results:

  • Reduced patient mortality
  • Reduction in hospital length-of-stay
  • Reduced time to record/calculate obs/EWS
  • Improved accuracy of EWS calculations
  • Increased levels of clinical attendance
  • Reduction in number of unexpected cardiac arrests
  • Fewer admissions to ICU
  • Reduced days spent in ICU

The solution can be used on any mobile web device, tablet or PC, allowing the Trust to leverage its existing investment in technology. It works with or without barcode scanning and PAS integration.

GROUNDVISION provides configurable views for Nurses, Ward Manager, Clerk, CCO, Doctors and Consultants.