GROUNDVISION is able to record patient acuity/dependency or link existing acuity to the EWS score and calculate the appropriate staff requirement for the ward throughout the day. The solution supports the SNCT/Shellford model, as well as local hospital acuity models. It can calculate staffing levels based on bed occupancy and patient acuity. The rich data allows the Trust to model the staffing requirements over time and feed into workforce planning and rostering requirements.

GROUNDVISION can also provide:

  • Advanced calculated values in real-time
  • Patient-centric alerts
  • Advanced warning system – to help identify signs of underlying illnesses such as sepsis

A system to record patient observations at the bedside to ensure that deteriorating patients are quickly and accurately identified

Promoting joined up thinking and actions

GROUNDVISION’s unique ability to integrate to workforce planning systems enables Trusts to combine patient observations and acuity/dependency information and turn it into actionable intelligence.

This ability to see the bigger picture and understanding of where EWS information can make a real different comes as a result of the many years experience of the GROUNDVISION team.